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 Sejarah Tatto A7x

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PostSubyek: Sejarah Tatto A7x   24th November 2012, 12:28 pm

Johnny Crist
Johnny has beer and wine across his knuckles.

Johnny was 18 when he got his first tattoo.

Johnny's right arm has many movie monster portraits covering it.

"I like old Black and white horror movies."-Johnny Christ-

Johnny would love to be a cowboy so he had a cowboy tattooed on the left side of his neck.

Johnny has a tree on his upper right arm in the theme of the Raven by Egar Allen Poe. The artist added fire to the limbs.

got this piece of work on my upper right shoulder by Adam Barton. He
really wanted for some reason that the tree would start to have flame
like branches. We always kinda joke about it. It was funny at the time.
It was supposed to be something about the Raven, Egar Allen Poe."-Johnny

Johnny has modern day monsters on his left sleeve consisting of Jason, Chucky, Freddie, and more.

The Rev

to Jimmy's parents his first tattoo was on his forearm. It is a coffin
full of eggs and the Easter Bunny laying dead on top of it.

Jimmy thinks tattoos make people look more interesting.

"Something to look at on your body that looks cool.

Jimmy's friend Jason created his nun located on his right upper arm for free.

"It took like 5 hours to complete my virgin Mary. I was raised Catholic and it seemed like a good idea."

Jimmy has an all seeing eye symbol located in the middle of his upper back and a huge zero in his middle back.

Jimmy has a pumpkin on his arm in the Nightmare before Christmas theme.

Jimmy has a yellow death bat located on his left upper arm that is very visible in the new DVD Live in the LBC.

Zacky Vengeance
has an A behind his ear because he agreed to get it when Brian lost a
bet with Matt that the Angels couldn't make a comeback in the World
Series. The Angels did come back so he was supposed to get the tat but
Zacky agreed to get the tat for him because of money issues. Zacky
basically took one for the team. Zacky is actually proud of the tattoo.

of Zacky's tattoos on his right arm were done during the creation of
the album "Avenged Sevenfold. Which includes a decapitated Mickey Mouse.

Zacky has his version of the deathbat on his lower back. It is a baseball with bat wings.

Zacky also has a green deathbat on his chest. It was finished just before the taping of "Seize the Day".

Zacky also has the bloody coffin on his left middle finger.

"Tattoos can motivate in all sorts of ways.

"Tattoos can hide and make me look as buff as I do now. I got muscles tattooed on my muscles.

always wanted to get tattoos. I wanted to be the guy driving around in
the nice car people always looked down on but was actually successful.
Yeah just make a stand. So they can't be looked down on anymore."-Zacky

synyster gates

first tattoo was the number 1 located on his thumb. Because it was his
first tattoo he thought the number 1 was fitting. He got the tattoo when
he was 15 years old.

was just young and had older friends who had them. I thought they were
cool and always liked how they looked and your parents aren't going to
let you have them when your 12-13, that age. I hid it from them for a
while then they found out. What could they do?"-Synyster Gates-

I wanted alot of tattoos but I never thought I was gonna be this rediculous."-Synyster Gates-.

most recent tattoo is Marlboro spelled across his knuckles done by
Artist Grant Cobb. He also has a tattoo located behind his left ear that
stands for Sounding the Seventh Trumpet.

left arm is a sleeve design, comprised of monsters who are hooked up to
a machine. The machine is basically torchering them. The means of
torcher are unknown to everyone except Brian.

M. shadosw
Matt likes the biblical story of the four horseman he decided to have a
sleeve created for his left arm. He thought that the horses with their
muscles would look really cool. He calls it Sleepy Hollow meets the
bible. The sleeve was completed during the recording of "Avenged
Sevenfold" the album.

first tattoo was of the logo for the band H2O. They are the first punk
band he really liked. It is located on his lower leg. He got the tattoo
when he was 14 years old. His parents found out about it when he was in
the 8th grade. They were not happy at the time but now they don't care.
His second tattoo was of a heart with flames around it and in the
middle of the heart are the words "True till death". He got that tattoo
when he was 15 years old.

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Sejarah Tatto A7x
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